Joe Greer is a photographer who resides in New York with his beautiful wife Madison. He loves shooting different subjects, from landscapes to portraits to lifestyle, street, and documentary photography, in a style that is at once very sophisticated and recognizable. He has strong ties with his community and is passionate about sharing his memories and capturing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. For Joe, it has become a way to communicate, to tell a story, and to create beautiful timeless photographs.


Charlie Pauly was born into a fighting family: his parents ran a professional boxing gym in Peterborough for over 30 years. It seemed a boxing career was written in the stars, but at 20, when he was asked to sign a professional contract, ironically it was his dad who convinced him to “take a break”.


Jaqueline Mikuta is a well-traveled Swede who has studied photography, advertising and art direction in different European cities such as Stockholm, London and Barcelona. Since 2013 she has been living in Berlin which is where she met Klemens White, a German guy from the Baltic Sea, who grew up playing the drums. Jacqueline and Klemens merged their skills in 2015 and started the Mikuta blog, where they post about outfits, lifestyle and world travel


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“I’m Virna Toppi. I was born on Christmas Eve, 1992 at Lentate sul Seveso a small village named after the river where sometimes I still love canoeing. I graduated at the Scala Theater Academy in 2011 and have been part of the ballet since 2012. As of March 2018, I am prima ballerina of the…


“Hi everyone, my name is Irwin. I am an architect. My interest towards photography is something that had originally started only 3 years ago. These shots I made are all unedited. I had a lot of fun doing this project. It really inspired my creativity and fantasy – plus, the products are amazing”.


“Hi, I’m Sam. I am a graphic designer and artist, inspired by West and nature. I grew up in the Midwest, went to study and work in California. After 5 years I decided to follow what really inspired me and moved to Oregon first and then to Salt Lake City, Utah where I’ve been living…