In 2013, Wanny debuts as the star of Keiko Ichiguchi’s manga graphic novel.

The beautifully illustrated tale tells the fantastic stories of a spirit searching for its katana, a traditional Japanese sword made by skilled artisans and guarded carefully by its samurai because it symbolizes privileged status and means of defense.

The adventure is set in Florence, between Wanny’s studio at Palazzo Corsini and the Stibbert Museum, the famous museum that—along with many immeasurably valuable works—has the richest and most fascinating collection of Japanese weapons and armor in Europe.

The comic book entitled “Stories of Iris” and published by 001 Editions is the result of a collaboration between the Stibbert Museum, Palazzo Strozzi Foundation and Il Bisonte, which wanted to pay homage to its two homelands: Florence, where the brand started and grew, and Japan, where for decades Il Bisonte bags and accessories have been truly revered as cult items.