Wanny Di Filippo has always been one with his company. So no one was surprised to see him take on the role of spokesperson for Il Bisonte. What amazed everyone was the unconventional way he embarked upon becoming the face and body of the brand’s ad campaigns.

It all started in 2007 when the third “Pirate of the Caribbean” film was released. Il Bisonte launched a collection of leather bags and leather goods in black cowhide with silver studs, a reinterpretation of the “Pirate” line designed by Wanny more than twenty years prior. To promote it, Wanny turns into a pirate.

The opportunity to repeat the experiment comes again in 2011: in conjunction with celebrations marking 150 years of Italy’s unification, Il Bisonte launches a shopping bag in the colors of the Italian flag: white, red and green. And for the accompanying ad campaign, he dresses up as Garibaldi, the the leader of Italy’s reconquest.

The unconventional advertising continues in 2013 when Wanny rents a suit from Cinecittà and wears it to transform himself into a splendid centurion, “but with a watch and cigar, naturally.” It’s his way of explaining that his creations are timeless, just like the iconic characters he loves playing.

And since a hint of East is always a must, Wanny the samurai also arrived. The campaign was shot using traditional attire in Japan where Il Bisonte has 38 single-brand stores.