It’s 2010. With the support of his friend Felice Limosani, Wanny stars in two hilarious cartoons where he very comfortably dons superhero costumes.

In the first he is Mazinga, a 25-meter tall robot weighing 32 tons that – together with UFO Robot and Goldrake – marked the first global success of a Japanese cartoon in the Seventies.

Wanny-Mazinga’s job is to save Bison City from a terrible space alien enemy that turns bisons into steaks. He succeeds thanks to a totally unexpected secret weapon: the iconic Il Bisonte Doctor Bag.

In the second (in 2011) the narration is set in history. Wanny is Giuseppe Garibaldi, the great mid-nineteenth century leader who unified Italy.

Commanding 1000 red-shirted bisons (which recall the 1000 volunteers who followed Garibaldi on his heroic undertaking) Wanny-Garibaldi embarks on a mission to fight for “the Unity of Italian Bisons”, but there will be no shots fired, just lots of fun in a tightrope-walking theme park.