Cowhide, Il Bisonte’s material of choice, is a fine leather that has undergone the “vegetal tanning” procedure, an ancient practice applied throughout Tuscany for thousands of years. 
Beautiful and resistant, the creations in cowhide are a joy for the senses thanks to their softness, their delicate perfume of wood, their unpredictable transparencies and the golden patina that forms on its surface.


Water, wind, bark of chestnut trees and sunlight: here are the secrets of the magic that allows the bags and accessories of Il Bisonte to accompany our lives and change day after day with us. The tannin, used as the active ingredient of vegetal tanning, combined with the very personal use that each one of us makes of bags and accessories, covers the creations of Il Bisonte with a surprising patina of time.
So each product truly becomes a unique piece, the result of the unrepeatable alchemy of natural agents and daily life


Alongside and together with cowhide, Il Bisonte uses high-quality textiles: cotton and linen canvas dyed thread by thread; wool cloth from the Casentino area, produced with 19th century traditional methods in the “valley of textiles” between Florence and Arezzo; innovative polycotton, resistant like technical textiles and beautiful to touch and see.