Coordinates: 43 ° 57’19.73 “N – 11 ° 23’08.2” E

Altitude: 193 m above sea level

Population: 18394

Located at the center of Lorenzo the Magnificent’s lands, Borgo San Lorenzo has always been a lively crossroads of merchandise, knowledge and flavors amid gorgeous countryside dotted with ancient churches and magnificent villas.

The town, which was already renowned during the Renaissance for leather and shoe production, has always had a special vocation for artistic craftsmanship, and whose tradition was able to withstand nineteenth-century industrialization. Right here, at the beginning of 1900 Galileo and Chino Chini opened a factory which was destined to write one of the most beautiful chapters in the history of Liberty. Its ceramic, stoneware and glass vases, jugs, pitchers and tiles, with their geometric and floral decorations, are real masterpieces and as such were requested and purchased all over Europe. They are featured in the Museo della Manifattura Chini at Villa Pecori Giraldi.


Il Bisonte produces wallets in Borgo San Lorenzo.