Coordinates: 43 ° 46 ° 28 ° N – 11 ° 25 ° 45 ° E

Altitude: 108 m above sea level

Population: 20,559

Il Bisonte’s creative center is located here, as well as the modeling department, the brand’s archives, sample production, a workshop to restore used bags and accessories, warehouses, and the retail and administrative offices.

The die-cutters used by Il Bisonte to hand-cut leather are also produced in Pontassieve.

Giving the town its name is the Medicean bridge (“ponte” in Italian commissioned in 1555 by Cosimo I and built by the great architect Bartolomeo Ammannati. The village, whose historic center still preserves three doors of the ancient fourteenth-century castle and part of the medieval walls, has always been an important crossroads between Florence, Bologna and Arezzo.

Its strategic position in the middle of a hilly area dotted with parish churches and castles, as well as artisan workshops and small manufacturers, was the ideal requirement for choosing to establish the most important Il Bisonte production site here.