Coordinates: 43 ° 56’N – 11 ° 28’E

Altitude: 203 m above sea level

Population: 8105

A real pearl set in the splendid Mugello valley (known as the “garden of Italy”), Vicchio was home to two of the fathers of Italian art history: Giotto and Beato Angelico.

Giotto’s birthplace (now a museum) is on the hill of Vespignano; not far away is the bridge where Cimabue is said to have discovered his talent while Giotto was drawing a sheep.

Beato Angelico was also born in Vicchio, and is the only artist in history to achieve sainthood because of the sublime and almost supernatural beauty of his paintings.

The Sentiero dei Pittori (Painters’ Path) guides visitors through magnificent countryside and delightful villages, allowing them to retrace one of the most important chapters in art history.

Il Bisonte produces bags in Vicchio.