Icons - Vagabonda

Vagabonda is the third Il Bisonte’s convertible bag after Caramella and Maremmana. Designed in 1976 by Wanny Di Filippo, it became an instant hit, a true icon of Il Bisonte’s unconventional style.

Created for those travellers who pack light but are always ready to pick up something on the way home, Vagabonda is a comfortable, superlight and spacious travel bag that, if needed, can be flattened, rolled up and stored in a backpack or suitcase.

Vagabonda - Transformable Bag

520 USD

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Vagabonda features a leather shoulder strap and and a band on the bottom base in cowhide, a fine vegetable-tanned leather that has became synonymous with the brand Il Bisonte. The bag itself is fabric: the classic version is made of high-grade cotton; the newest version  is made of resistant polycotton.

Every design detail of the Vagabonda bag is minimalist: if viewed from the front, it is shaped like a rectangle, but from the side, it looks like a triangle reminiscent of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, ‘Delta’, symbol par excellence of harmony and balanced proportions.

Produced without fail for over four decades, Vagabonda is reinvented every season with new materials and colour palettes.