Wanny Style

A long and immaculate beard. Good-natured and generous eyes. White hair is gathered in a ponytail under his ever-present straw or felt hat. A colorful (or tiny bison-print) scarf is over his shoulders and / or a bandanna is knotted at his neck. Across his nose, rests a pair of eyeglasses and over them a pair of sunglasses. Between lens and frame (also multicolored) dangles a charming mini bison.

Wanny Di Filippo

He is highly sought after by photographers at fashion kermises, revered as an icon by Florentines and idolized in Japan as a star. The unmistakable style of Wanny Di Filippo, Il Bisonte’s founder and ambassador, is a hymn to joy and a tribute to the freedom of being unique.

Wanny Bio

Wanny Di Filippo was born in 1945 in Adria, in northen Italy. He came into the world on February 14th, but the bombardments of World War II prevented his grandmother from going to the town hall to register his birth. A farmer friend ended up going a few days later but gave the wrong date which is why the official registers have it down as the 16th.


Designed by Wanny Di Filippo in 1973 to embody his desire to blend aesthetic simplicity, lightness, functional flexibility and space-saving intelligence, Caramella is the first of Il Bisonte’s convertible bags.

Art Bags

10 YEARS OF ART-INSPIRED BAGS FOR PALAZZO STROZZI With a bag dedicated to Marina Abramović, Il Bisonte celebrates ten years of ongoing collaboration with the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the most prestigious Florentine exhibition venue dedicated to modern and contemporary art. For each exposition, Il Bisonte creates a “bag of wonders” that children and families can…


#1BOX10SHOTSFrom unconventional tradition to creatively eclectic. Il Bisonte never stops. Tradition, quality, authenticity, and made-in-Florence craftsmanship come together in the new collections designed to attract new markets and fresh customers. And for the third time it does so by focusing on the creativity and eclecticism of #1box10shots. Our boxes full of bags and accessories have…