A Saddlebag
For Galileo Galilei

An olive-colored cowhide saddlebag abundant in pockets was created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first observations of the moon by means of the telescope, celebrated at Palazzo Strozzi with the exhibition ‘Galileo: Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope’ (March – August 2009).

A Picnic Basket
For Impressionist Art

The Impressionists were used to paint en plein air, outdoors. The spirit of their days, spent interacting with the movements of the sun, the changing colors of the sky, and the rustling of the trees, comes alive again in the picnic basket, created for the exhibition ‘Painting Light: The Hidden Techniques of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh’ (July – September 2008).


“I’m Virna Toppi. I was born on Christmas Eve, 1992 at Lentate sul Seveso a small village named after the river where sometimes I still love canoeing. I graduated at the Scala Theater Academy in 2011 and have been part of the ballet since 2012. As of March 2018, I am prima ballerina of the…