Brand Cartoon

Il Bisonte launches its first brand manifesto cartoon; it combines history, art, creativity, and passion in a modern, engaging and high-impact way which will strike a chord with viewers.

The cartoon tells the story of Wanny Di Filippo, the brand’s historic founder who in the late ‘60s when faced with skepticism about his seemingly too innovative creations, does not give up but simply states “If I can design them, I can also create them”.   

The cartoon recounts Wanny’s tenacious dream of finding the perfect bison, his passionate search for the gigantic white bison, majestic, serene and sacred to Native Americans. The cartoon thus becomes a sort of appeal for tenacity and perseverance, as well as the importance of friendship.

Cartoon Collection

Special Contents

The attention to technical details and lighting, the facial expressions and details that enrich the scenes, the meticulous and realistic styling of the characters, the Florence backdrop all make the cartoon an extraordinary journey into a world that is at once fantastic and realistic.


The first phase of cartoon development saw the team of designers and copywriters busy for weeks defining first the concept and moodboards. Soon after, the team worked on the storyboards and plot, as well as drawing the main characters. Wanny himself contributed to and participated in the work. The drawings for Wanny as a child were based on his own childhood photographs.

The second phase saw the development team absorbed in bringing the characters to life on screen through a careful study of facial expressions and styling.

Even the objects appearing in the scenes are real and taken from Wanny’s extraordinary bison collection. More than 2000 pieces have been cataloged so far; it’s a continuously evolving “temple” housed in Palazzo Corsini in Florence.

During the final phase sounds and character voices were added. The title of the cartoon “Il Bisonte. Wanny, a dream come true” was defined by his graphics. Posters were also used to promote the cartoon in digital formats as well as physical channels, by means of real billboards. A special collection of products and gadgets inspired by the cartoon will be available online and in stores.


The cartoon was entirely made using CGI with 3D animation software from LAB81, Multi-Disciplinary Creative Studio, and produced by Il Bisonte SpA together with the communication agency Attila & Co. Its aim is to tell a unique story, full of style and meaning, in a world that travels at the frenetic rhythm of contemporary life.

Communicating means exploring old scenarios through new languages, telling new stories while balancing content and emotion, and knowing how to make the most of them using the right tools. What this company has tried to do over the years, and even more so today, is adopt a line of communication that moves from tradition to innovation and experimentation.