Take a picture and win*.

Have fun with your Il Bisonte bags and accessories wherever you are.

Use and interpret them as you wish, take instant pictures of them and publish them on your Instagram profile using #1box10shots and tagging @ilbisonteofficial.

The best shots will be published across our social media channels together with those of the participants in the 1BOX10SHOTS project.

The prize for the best image is the opportunity to participate in the exclusive Tuscan Experience by Il Bisonte.*

The Company Il Bisonte S.p.a (hereinafter also referred to as the Promoting Company or Promoter) is organizing a contest open only to Instagram users.


This competition is excluded pursuant to art. 6 Presidential decree 430/2001 from the sphere of application of the regulations on prize events, as it is not aimed at favoring, in the territory of the State, the sale of products or the provision of services, which also have some commercial objectives.



The contest “1BOX10SHOTS” (hereinafter the “Contest”) has the aim of sharing the best pictures taken by the users showing a product of their choice of Il Bisonte brand. The followers are asked to post the photo on their profile tagging Il Bisonte and inserting the hashtag #1box10shots.



2.1 Participations and limitations:

The participation in the Contest is consented only to natural persons of age who have an Instagram profile.

Each User will be able to participate in the Contest sending more than one photo during the entire valid period of the Contest, avoiding to upload the same photo more than once. Images already posted previously will not be taken into consideration.

2.2 Exclusion from the participation:

The employees of the Promoting Company, of the subsidiaries, affiliates companies and their family members are excluded from the participation. The participation in the competition is subject to compliance with the rules in this regulation.


Article 3. PERIOD

From 12-06-2018 to 31-12-2018 included.


Announcement of the winner: within 31-01-2019



4.1. Procedure of the Contest

From 12-06-2018 to 31-12-2018 it will be possible to participate in this Contest through your instagram profile, publishing a photo containing a product of the brand Il Bisonte with tag and # defined in the previous paragraphs.

The promoter will select, according to his discretion, the best photos that will be published in a special section of the website Among the published ones, the photo that interpreted the theme of the Contest in the best way and the winner will win the prize “Il Bisonte Florence Experience”.


4.2. Requirements

It is necessary that the photos have the following characteristics to be judged suitable for the participation in the Contest:

  • Content pertinent to the Theme of the Contest;
  • Publication on your Instagram profile inserting the official tag of Il Bisonte Instagram account and the hashtag #1box10shots


It is stated that:

The promoter will not be able to modify the interactions, since the photo will be posted by the same User participating in the contest. Therefore, the user indemnifies the promoting subject from this moment for posts or published contents that could be harmful to public faith, morality or image of others.


4.3 Responsibility of the User:

With the publication of the photo, the participants waive any rights on them, that will be recognized by the promoting subject, and they will not be able to advance economic requests for the future use of the photos.


The upload of photos involves the transfer to Il Bisonte S.p.A the right to use all contributions free of charge, in any form and manner, without notice, in Italy and abroad and without time limitations.


The transfer of these rights is understood exclusively for any means for advertising and marketing purposes permitted by the Law and on all media, including digital ones.

Each participant is responsible for the content of the published contents inserted and will be able to participate exclusively with contributions of which the same is the author or holds the rights of use.


In this regard, the participant, at the time of loading, will be the author of the published content, and will have the rights to use the subjects and objects of any kind represented in the photo, and to assign any right to use the same, to the order to allow the Promoting Company to reproduce and publish it in any format and means without time limits and to disseminate it by any means and methods, either in its original format or modified, in whole or in part, also through third parties, in partnership or collaboration, on Italian and foreign territory (purely by way of example: website, social networks, newspapers, television stations, etc.), and expressly waives any right to examine and approve the communication materials that will be produced using the photo sent.


The participant declares to assume legal and patrimonial responsibility for all the relative rights and connected to the photographs, images, and other original contents, transmitted in a telematic way by direct uploading to the site.


The participant declares that the works conferred do not constitute a violation of regulations for the protection of copyright, trademarks and patents and, in general, of intellectual property rights of third parties; furthermore declares to have the ownership and / or the legitimate and full availability of the contents incorporated in it and of anyway belonging to it, as well as the ownership of all the exploitation rights, in compliance with all applicable legal provisions and therefore to have requested and obtained in accordance with any law in force, by any entitled, any necessary consent or authorization of the promoter with respect to the use, publication, dissemination and economic exploitation of the same, in any form, by any means, without time limits and for the whole world;


Any responsibility regarding the participant’s use, of photos of which the participant does not have the relative rights of use is exclusively at the expense of the participant himself. Consequently, the Promoting Company cannot be held responsible in any way for the publication or use of photos and / or contents protected by copyright or rights of use; in this case the only responsible will have to be identified in the participant.


The candidate will indemnify and keep the Promoting Subject unharmed in the event that damages arise due to the use of the published contents.


Candidates who violate the aforementioned service rules and community guidelines will be excluded from the contest.


By registering for the Contest, the candidate frees the Promoter and Instagram from any responsibility related to any possible complaint. All information relating to the competition is provided only by the Promoter. For any request for information, complaints or suggestions, please contact the

Promoter through the e-mail address


Il Bisonte S.p.A reserves the right to disqualify any candidate whose comments are judged offensive, inappropriate or obscene in any way by the Promoting Company, in its sole discretion.



All published contents will be selected by an internal jury at its sole discretion.


The evaluation will be carried out on the contents received with the following criteria:

  • Relevance with the Contest Theme
  • Quality and emotionality in representing the Theme;
  • Authenticity;


Article 6. PRIZE

The winner of the Contest, selected by the internal jury of the Promoter Subject will have the opportunity to live “Il Bisonte Trip Experience” or a weekend in Florence (from Friday to Sunday) with travel, food and lodging offered by the Promoting Subject, meeting with the founder of Il Bisonte Wanny Di Filippo and guided tour of the Brand Museum.



For any controversy arising from or related to the application of this Regulation, the exclusive competent court will be the forum of Florence in Italy.