Jaqueline Mikuta is a well-traveled Swede who has studied photography, advertising and art direction in different European cities such as Stockholm, London and Barcelona. Since 2013 she has been living in Berlin which is where she met Klemens White, a German guy from the Baltic Sea, who grew up playing the drums. Jacqueline and Klemens merged their skills in 2015 and started the Mikuta blog, where they post about outfits, lifestyle and world travel. The blog, with its high standards and unique photographic style, has now become their main business and biggest passion.

Jaqueline is a fan of unique pieces and pays close attention to details.  Il Bisonte creates beautiful bags and

accessories that she feels fit her own style perfectly. Both of them really enjoyed working with Il Bisonte and the #1box10shots project because “it’s different, full of joy and surprises, which is what life is all about”.