Charlie Pauly was born into a fighting family: his parents ran a professional boxing gym in Peterborough for over 30 years. It seemed a boxing career was written in the stars, but at 20, when he was asked to sign a professional contract, ironically it was his dad who convinced him to “take a break”. Australia’s East Coast, New Zealand, South East Asia and beyond. A projected three-month trip turned into years. Three and a half years later he was visiting home in the UK when he met Lauren. Lauren Cliffe had also just returned from a trip to Australia.

Lauren, a girl from his hometown…same school, many mutual friends, but they had never once exchanged a word! Their personalities were identical, like two free spirits separated at birth. Within a couple of weeks it was undeniable, neither of them would be leaving the UK without the other. One thing led to another – flights got cancelled, homes were moved and on 24th October 2016 two became one. They came to realize that bumping into each other in their hometown wasn’t too good to be true.