Il Bisonte was born in 1970 in a small artisanal laboratory in the heart of Florence, Italy.

The showroom and head offices are based in the same noble Corsini Palace overlooking the Arno river, where Popes, heads of government, intellectuals and artists stayed since the XVII Century and where the first creations of Il Bisonte were dreamt of, designed and produced over fifty years ago.


Wanny Di Filippo is the founding myth of the epopee of Il Bisonte and its authentic ambassador.

A determined dreamer, eclectic and out-of-the-box thinker, he embodies the values of living by your own rules and building your own history with freedom and creativity.

He founded his own Brand when a company turned down his drawings, considered too innovative: “If I can draw them – he said to himself – I can also manufacture them”.


Name and logo of Il Bisonte were born out of an unpredictable love story blossomed at the end of the Sixties. The main actors in this plot are a young Wanny Di Filippo, who at the time was dealing with the launch of his first artisanal leather workshop, and the strong and free animal chosen to represent his brand.

The most extraordinary collection of bisons in the world is a true testimony to the depth and all-encompassing nature of this passion: 2000 paintings, statues, prints, precious objects, toys and everyday paraphernalia from all over the world gathered in a cabinet of wonders like no other, open by appointment only at Palazzo Corsini, in Via del Parione in Florence.