Icons - Caramella

Designed by Wanny Di Filippo in 1973 to embody his desire to blend aesthetic simplicity, lightness, functional flexibility and space-saving intelligence, Caramella is the first of Il Bisonte’s convertible bags.

With just a few simple gestures, the shoulder bag can expand into a travel bag or flatten out into a thin strip ready to disappear inside a suitcase or wardrobe.Thanks to an unbeatable synthesis of form and function, Caramella is at the users’ disposition, humbly and playfully bending to their needs.

Caramella - Transformable Bag

270 USD

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The characteristic shape which recalls wrapped pieces of candy has remained the same along with the shoulder strap and straps in cowhide, the fine leather finished with the natural technique known as “vegetable tanning” that has always remained the brand’s material of choice.

The colors and materials of the bag, however, have changed along with the years and seasons. During the last four decades, in a dizzying crescendo of reckless experimentation, Caramella has been produced with precious cotton and linen canvas, dyed thread by thread; with suede fringe; with rough woolen Casentino cloths; with honeycomb towels; with the canvas of deckchairs from Versilia beach, and with “carpet” and upholstery on a velvet base. The most recent versions are made of particularly resistant and lightweight fabrics, such as poly-cotton.