Icons - Maremmana

Designed in 1974, Maremmana has been one of Il Bisonte’s iconic creations for over four decades. The designer Wanny Di Filippo envisioned a wonderful and laid-back travel companion that, in the blink of an eye, could be transformed into a bag, a backpack or a travel bag.

The main part of Maremmana – the ample pocket in cowhide leather – never changes. Everything else around it can be adjusted in just a few steps: the thickly-woven canvas body can expand and shrink, the shoulder straps can turn into backpack straps, the side buckle straps can be lengthened and shortened.

Maremmana - Transformable Bag

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A true icon of Il Bisonte, Maremmana has featured in the brand’s collection since it was first designed. Its basic design has never changed. But the materials and fabric colours have been metamorphosed by the ever-changing seasons. Minimalist or extravagant, in light Olona canvas or in heavy Casentino fabric, in the warm tones of raw umber or in flashy hues, Maremmana has been unique, unequalled and unmistakable for half a century.