My doughe’s love

I think I purchased it in 1984, while in highschool. Used it forever and then put it away until a couple of years ago when my teenagers felt in LOVE with it. I loved the bag 34 years ago and I love even more the fact that my doughters think it is cool enough to use it now, in 2019!!! I want to buy two of the same bag, one for each of my doughters. Il Bisonte is a timeless, wonderful brand. A true classic in every sense of the word.

Enjoy my little collection

Cannot believe so many years have gone by! 😂I’ve purchased my beloved wallet form a store in the heart of Sidney. I still have the product info and the care instructions.I also wanna share with you beautiful diary (I have used it for collection my drawings and thoughts) and my tote bag: I had it for years and it has been with me to snowy Japan and glorious sunshine of Queensland.Hope you like my little Il Bisonte collection 😊