From model to blogger, Charles’s great taste in fashion and beauty have launched him as a unique KOL on the international scene. A significant fan base was built locally and then extended internationally.

The industry holds Charles in high regard, not only because of his several notable collaborations with international and premium luxury brands, but also as a frequent guest of events such as Paris fashion week, SIHH, etc.

As a digital influencer and industry insider, Charles understands that the fashion world is continually evolving. This is why he not only wants to be part of it, but aims to be one of those that can change it.

As he is convinced that being influential is not just about the “look,” but more than anything true talent, he fully taps his passion for creativity and writing for the benefit of sites like VOGUE Hong Kong and all kinds of social media platforms.

He also believes that being a real influencer requires nothing more than professionalism.