Il Bisonte celebrates open-air life and outdoor sports with a capsule designed by Alberto Maria Ficele, an Italian architect who splits time between Milan and Paris.

The capsule is comprised of three items that pay tribute to outdoor sports, but which are also just right for so many other occasions:

  • a bocce ball carrying case that turns into a clutch for the evening;
  • a fishing bag turned purse that keeps everything super organized and within reach throughout the day;
  • a shoulder bag that holds a kite.

From quotidian life and all its normalcy to the extraordinary nature of free time, these pieces play with the concept of transformation, they can be modified according to the context, and at the same time they are transversal with regard to age and gender.

All strictly made using Il Bisonte’s material of choice—vegetable-tanned cowhide—and following simple and essential lines, raw cut and appearing almost seamless, these pieces combine an architect’s typical design approach with a leatherworker’s know-how and artisan tradition.

The three articles will be presented during the Milan Fashion Week in our boutique.