In 2008 the partnership between Palazzo Strozzi and Il Bisonte began and grew out of the friendship between James Bradburne (then director of the Foundation) and Wanny Di Filippo, founder and brand ambassador.

Since then whenever there is an exhibition, Il Bisonte creates a ‘bag of wonders’ that helps children and families learn about the artwork on display. Visitors to Palazzo Strozzi can request the ‘Family Kit’ at the door and receive a bag for free.

Eleven years later, this magnificent collaboration continues not only to amaze, but intensify and inspire joy. On December 5, a free guided tour was organized exclusively for a group of Il Bisonte customers to see the exhibit “Natalia Goncharova: A Woman of the Avant-garde with Gauguin, Matisse and Picasso”.
During the visit, our guests were able to admire the artwork on display while experimenting with the “Family Kit” included in the bag, and enjoy its creative, fun approach inspired by Goncharova’s art and created by Il Bisonte.
It was also possible to see all the previously designed bags and appreciate the collaborative effort of these two worlds—art and craft—which is continually evolving and growing.