Worn like iron through all my life chapters
My dad bought this purse for me when I was 17 and I am now 54!! I loved my dad but our relationship was always strained but I still remember this day when he gave this purse to me! I carried all through high school but really did not think of my dad during that time in my life. In my 20’s I began working and put the purse away for more “professional” bags – boring! Boom pregnant and needed a diaper bag but did not want the huge ugly diaper bags that were out at the time. Found this bag in my closet and began carrying bag with my new baby on my hip. After I was done with the diaper bag scene I still carried the bag throughout my 20’s and early 30’s. I became pregnant again and went right back to using it as a diaper bag. During this time my dad became ill and then became further along in his illness. I went to visit him with the bag and baby in tow and he remember that he gave me the bag. Time fast forward and my babies are 29 and 21 and my father is gone. I will never get rid of this bag for all the memories is carries. It is beat up, zipper is frayed and leather is worn but that is what life is too!
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