Joe Greer is a photographer who resides in New York with his beautiful wife Madison.

He loves shooting different subjects, from landscapes to portraits to lifestyle, street, and documentary photography, in a style that is at once very sophisticated and recognizable. He has strong ties with his community and is passionate about sharing his memories and capturing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. For Joe, it has become a way to communicate, to tell a story, and to create beautiful timeless photographs.

“Il Bisonte is a beautiful brand that fully embraces the authentic heritage of what a leather bag is and should be. And Il Bisonte accessories already fit perfectly into my lifestyle. Travel is such a huge part of my life, so having a bag and accessories that make traveling more memorable and seamless is what I’m looking for. “- says Joe.

Joe and his wife and friends spent a few days in a cabin in northern New York which worked as the perfect backdrop for sharing their Il Bisonte gifts.