Il Bisonte is proud to present “Wanny, a dream come true“, a cartoon dedicated to the brand and its extraordinary ambassador, Wanny Di Filippo.

It’s a unique narrative that is now unforgettable thanks to this 3D cartoon that recounts the story of a determined dreamer whose passion, creativity, and ironic, unconventional character led him to found a beloved and world famous brand.

Four minutes of poetry and fun take the viewer on a fantastic journey where Wanny searches for the perfect bison. A search that began with childhood games soon became such a magnificent obsession that he named his company and designed his logo after his favorite animal.

The styling is subtle: Florence, the birthplace of Il Bisonte is in the background, while Wanny’s cherished places together with his iconic bags and items from his incredible bison collection peek out.

The main themes of the story are quite clear, and are set upon the values that have always distinguished Wanny and his brand: enthusiasm and perseverance; the importance of dialogue; the solid beauty that is the magic of friendship.

The worldwide launch is scheduled for June 13th at the Harbour City Mall in Hong Kong. Immediately following, the cartoon will be screened at all Il Bisonte stores which will be transformed for this occasion into small cinemas, complete with popcorn.

Gadgets related to the short film can be purchased both in stores and by e-commerce at

In Florence for the entire month of June, you’ll be able to make an appointment (by calling +390558314276) to visit the over 2000 works of art and everyday objects that make up Wanny’s extraordinary Bison collection which he has enthusiastically spent five decades putting together.

“Wanny, a dream come true” was made in CGI with 3D animation software from the Multi-Disciplinary Creative Studio LAB81, and produced by Il Bisonte SpA together with Attila&Co.

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