With a bag dedicated to Marina Abramović, Il Bisonte celebrates ten years of ongoing collaboration with the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the most prestigious Florentine exhibition venue dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

For each exposition, Il Bisonte creates a “bag of wonders” that children and families can use to enhance their experience as they discover the works on display. Simply ask for the free bag at the entrance of the palazzo to have the perfect guide for learning and enjoyment at your fingertips.

Inside there are maps of the exhibition, colors for drawing, magnifying glasses, raw materials for arts and crafts, games, and puzzles that make the visit unique and unforgettable.

The partnership between Palazzo Strozzi and Il Bisonte began in 2008, inspired by the friendship between James Bradburne (then the director of the Foundation, now director of the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan) and Wanny Di Filippo, founder and ambassador of Il Bisonte. Ten years later, the results of this collaboration continue to amaze visitors.

Each bag harmoniously blends creativity, craftsmanship and functionality, expressing the values of the Italian know-how on which the production philosophy of Il Bisonte has always been based.

Some of the bags produced for Palazzo Strozzi are invented ex-novo, while others are iconic creations of the brand reinterpreted taking inspiration from the general theme of the exhibition or from a single work.

Each creation is a unique opportunity to experiment with shapes and materials.

The specially produced Il Bisonte for Palazzo Strozzi bags are limited edition.

The entire collection is conserved in the brand’s historical archive at Pontassieve (Florence), alongside over 3000 bags and accessories that bear witness to the inexhaustible capacity for innovation of the brand since the Seventies