The Mirror Bag For Tomás Saraceno - 2020

The new bag created by Il Bisonte for Tomás Saraceno’s exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi entitled Aria is inspired by the Argentinian artist’s visionary grandeur.

Multifaceted and subversive, Saraceno invites us to collectively rethink the way we live in the world, beyond a merely human perspective, and to rebuild a new harmony between living beings.

His research which combines art with natural and social sciences, led Saraceno to choose an animal amulet, an undaunted builder of sturdy aerial cities: the spider. Embroidered renditions of the ‘works of art’ created by these animals grace the front pocket of this exhibit’s family kit. The roomy black canvas bag which contains items and materials to help visitors understand and appreciate their experience more thoroughly has a mirrored surface on the pocket, made of a special reflective material that alludes to the deceptive nature of common perception through mirrored surfaces.

Visitors can take advantage of the family kit for free during their visit to the exhibition by simply requesting it at the entrance; it will make the experience even more engaging for visitors and their children.