Luxury for free spirits

Comfortable luxury, unconventional elegance, authentic beauty that transforms itself over time: the casual-chic style of Il Bisonte is the ideal life-partner for those who love the Made in Italy excellence and long for high-quality leather bags and accessories that can change with them and their vision of the world.

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12 Instagrammers from different continents, selected because of their original and distinctive aesthetic, received a box containing Il Bisonte bags, small leather goods and other accessories + an Instant Camera.
10 snapshots came back offering a sneak peek into their authors’ daily life.


“I am a photographer. I live in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. I went…
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“Hi everyone, my name is Irwin. I am an architect. My interest towards photography is…
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“Hi, I’m Sam. I am a graphic designer and artist, inspired by West and nature.…
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