Scheduled for Friday, September 21, in the Il Bisonte boutique on Via Santo Spirito 14 in Milan: on the occasion of the Fashion Week, the brand presents the Spring / Summer 2019 collection to the press.

The new models of shoulder bags, travel bags, briefcases and backpacks, for men and women, pay tribute to the brand’s traditional craftsmanship and the skillful handling of leather which has always characterized it.

Many references to the iconic bags of Il Bisonte are taken directly from the brand’s extraordinary archive, which documents 50 years of history. One such reference is the Candy collection, inspired by the famous, convertible Caramella bag, designed by Wanny Di Filippo in 1973 and still in production. On the occasion of the presentation of the new collection, a special exhibition will pay homage to the creativity and functionality of this timeless masterpiece.