With the “Verrocchio” bag, dedicated to one of the Renaissance’s great artists, Il Bisonte continues its ten-year collaboration with the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the main exhibition venue in Florence.

For families who come to admire Verrocchio’s masterpieces, Wanny Di Filippo (founder and ambassador of the brand) has designed a sage-colored briefcase made of vegetal-tanned cowhide and raw linen with vintage finish.

Conceived as the perfect guide to understanding the exhibition and also a way to have lots of fun, this “bag of wonders” is full of surprising educational tools.  The bag can be requested (free of charge) at the palace entrance.

Inspired by a new style featured in Il Bisonte’s Fall-Winter 19/20 collection, the briefcase is perfect for adults and children alike: just slide the buckles to lengthen or shorten the handles and bring it comfortably with you while you learn the secrets of artists’ workshops and discover surprising links between great masters (like Verrocchio) and great pupils (like Leonardo).

The partnership between Palazzo Strozzi and Il Bisonte began in 2008. Each creation is a unique opportunity to experiment with shapes and materials as well as engage international visitors with a little story about Italian creativity and handicraft.

The Il Bisonte bags for Palazzo Strozzi are all limited editions. The whole collection is conserved in the brand’s historic archives in Pontassieve (Florence), along with over 3000 bags and accessories that bear witness to the brand’s inexhaustible capacity for innovation and that have been a mark of Italian craftsmanship since the Seventies.