From unconventional tradition to creatively eclectic.

Il Bisonte never stops.

Tradition, quality, authenticity, and made-in-Florence craftsmanship come together in the new collections designed to attract new markets and fresh customers. And for the third time it does so by focusing on the creativity and eclecticism of #1box10shots. Our boxes full of bags and accessories have once again travelled around the world: starting from Germany, passing through Canada and ending up in Hong Kong.

This new edition’s 4 brand ambassadors are totally different in style and origin. Versatile and eclectic, exactly like Il Bisonte.

As always the results are fantastic shots—where a backpack is your travel companion for an on-the-road trip to Hawaii; a small piece of authentic art turns out to be essential for a Berlin breakfast for two; and a small but great round bag accompanies you tastefully through Hong Kong streets.