Enjoy my little collection

Cannot believe so many years have gone by! 😂I’ve purchased my beloved wallet form a store in the heart of Sidney. I still have the product info and the care instructions.I also wanna share with you beautiful diary (I have used it for collection my drawings and thoughts) and my tote bag: I had it for years and it has been with me to snowy Japan and glorious sunshine of Queensland.Hope you like my little Il Bisonte collection 😊

Worn With Love

This space is dedicated to the community of Il Bisonte fans. To those who have a story to tell and to those who are curious about reading the stories of others. To those who take care of what they love and to those who believe that true luxury means evolving and aging together.   Share…


Joe Greer is a photographer who resides in New York with his beautiful wife Madison. He loves shooting different subjects, from landscapes to portraits to lifestyle, street, and documentary photography, in a style that is at once very sophisticated and recognizable. He has strong ties with his community and is passionate about sharing his memories and capturing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. For Joe, it has become a way to communicate, to tell a story, and to create beautiful timeless photographs.