Designed in 1974, Maremmana has been one of Il Bisonte’s iconic creations for over four decades. The designer Wanny Di Filippo envisioned a wonderful and laid-back travel companion that, in the blink of an eye, could be transformed into a bag, a backpack or a travel bag.

The Birthplace Of Fabric

At the beginning of the 20th century there were so many textile factories in Prato that it became famous as “the city of a hundred chimneys”. Today, thanks to modernization processes that started in the 1960s, the chimneys are just a memory. However, Prato (the second largest town in Tuscany in terms of population) has a thriving fabric industry, its principle industry since the Middle Ages, when its inhabitants diverted the course of a river to bring their textile factories the water necessary for production.


Pelago is a small village nestled between the Arno and Sieve rivers, among the hills and Apennine mountains, 25 km from Florence. Since Roman times its countryside has been famous for producing oil and excellent wines, the most well-known being the Nipozzano of the Frescobaldi family.


The executive offices and showroom, the studio of the brand’s founder, Wanny Di Filippo, and his amazing bison museum are all located within just a few steps from each other, inside a single block designed by the majestic shape of Palazzo Corsini. It’s the same place where Il Bisonte started as an artisanal workshop fifty years ago.